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Welcome! I'm new to blogging so please pardon my learning curve. I'm a photographer, a miniaturist, and grew up steeped in the Science Fiction and Fantasy literature that my Grandmother so loved. Is it any wonder that I express myself by creating glimpses into the worlds that I see in my mind in miniature?

In this space I will be talking about what I'm doing in my studio, what has inspired the world I'm creating at any given moment and the techniques that I use to create the shot. I've been looking for other people who share my love and enthusiasm for doing this. I know you're out there!  Please join me here so we can share our work and our fun and maybe make a few friends along the way. I look forward to meeting you! 

Next Week's Topic: A Tour of FireSprite Studio.


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  1. Thank you! These small worlds are the expression of a collaboration between the adult part of me that believes in other worlds folded within our own and the five year old part of me that believes that we just need to go looking for them to find them. We’ll certainly keep you updated as the two of us capture them.

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